Best Pressure Cooker – Reviews, Deals and Buying Guides

Best Pressure Cooker - Reviews, Deals and Buying Guides

Pressure Cookers are one of the most important kitchen appliances today – They help you cook food at a short time, which can speed up your cooking 2-3 times as much as other conventional methods. The Best Pressure Cooker can cook a wide variety of different foods, including beans, stews, all cuts of soups and meat. Otherwise, due to extremely high temperatures, Pressure Cookers can kill almost dangerous bacteria which might harm your health.

After a long time of developing Pressure Cooker have almost reached the point of perfection, which makes it difficult to choose the Best Pressure Cooker today. To ensure you are purchasing the Best Pressure Cooker for your requirements, you have to research many Pressure Cooker Reviews to know what features you are looking for, and with a lot of different Pressure Cooker manufacturers today this work becomes more and more difficult.


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In order to help you understand the important features of the Best Pressure Cookers, we give you the comparison of the Top 5 Best Pressure Cookers available on the market today. We also give you a short guides to choose the Best Pressure Cooker suitable for what you need.

Capacity (quarts) 6.33-quarts 10-1/2-Quart
23-Quart 6-quart
Color Silver and black Silver Silver and black Silver Silver and black
Price Start at $202
(Including discount)
Start at $169.99
(Including discount)
Start at $40.54
(Including discount)
(Including discount)
(Including discount)
Settings 3 3 1 3 3
Steamer basket Steamer rack No No No No
Features – 7-in-1 multi-function cooker
– Large, easy to use control
panel with 14 built-in Smart Programs
– Delay cooking time up to 24-Hours
– Manual setting up to 120 minutes
– UL and ULC certified with 10
proven safety mechanisms
– Include 3-ply bottom
stainless steel cooking pot
– Cool-touch handle
– precision pressure gauge
– Dishwasher-safe
– Visual pressure indicator
– Dishwasher-safe
– Dishwasher-safe
– Easier to handle
– precision pressure gauge
– LED display and soft
touch buttons
– Programmable with presets
– Delayed start up to 8h
– Cool-touch lid & handles
– Functions as a
steamer, rice cooker
and slow cooker
– Removable dishwasher-safe
Diameter (inches) 14 inches (6 different sizes)
(2 different sizes)
9 inches
9 inches
14.8 inches 12.6 inches
Height (inches) 12.6 inches (6 different sizes)
(2 different sizes)
8.5 inches
19 inches
15.4 inches 12.6 inches
Weight (pounds) 12 pounds (6 different sizes)
(2 different sizes)
5.8 pounds
6.6 pounds
10 pounds 13.5 pounds
Warranty 1 year 1 year 12 years 12 years 1 year
Brand Instant Pot All American Presto Presto Nesco

How to choose the best pressure cooker.

If you plan to buy a pressure cooker for the first time, or if you are want to upgrade to a newer model, you’ll be faced with a lot of choices when you begin searching for the best pressure cooker. To help with your decision, we wrote this buying guide so you’ll be able to determine the model that is the best for your needs.

What is the difference between aluminum and stainless steel pressure cookers?

+ Aluminum pressure cookers: These pressure cookers often feature lightweight and low cost, they also provide a highly uniform heating performance due to the excellent heat conduction of aluminum. However, there is a drawback for this type of pressure cookers this is the intrinsic weakness of aluminum, due to this reason Aluminum pressure cookers can’t work at extremely high pressure like Stainless steel pressure cookers.

+ Stainless steel pressure cookers: This type of pressure cookers are slightly heavier than Aluminum pressure cookers and they are also more expensive. Stainless steel pressure cookers can cook at very high pressure therefore they can reduce a lot of cooking time. Due to the durable nature of stainless steel, these pressure cookers can improve many years of use. However, there is one problem is that the heat conduction of stainless steel is not as good as Aluminum.

What size is best for a pressure cooker?

The size pressure cooker is measured by the total liquid capacity of this pressure cooker, but you have to notice that the real usable capacity is only one half or two-thirds of its size, it depends on the food you want to cook. There are three most popular sizes which is 4-, 6-, and 8-quart liquid capacities

4-quart: This size is good for singles or couples, it is also good to make one course for a family

6-quart: This is the most popular size in many families. This pressure cooker can accommodate most foods and there are so many recipes for these 6-quart pressure cooker.

8-quart: This is a big size, this size is good if you have a large family.

NOTE: There is the larger size for pressure canners, they include 16-, 18-, and 23-quart models. These sizes are really good if you have to cook for a big meal.

Which pressure cooker features should you look for?

Best Pressure Cooker – Reviews, Deals and Buying Guides

* Pressure Regulator: There are many types of pressure regulator but all of them aim to only one function which is controlling and indicating the cooking pressure inside the pot. There are three main types of pressure regulators, they are weighted valve pressure regulator, modified weighted valve pressure regulator, and spring valve pressure regulator. But whatever you choose you always set the maximum operating pressure at 15 psi, this is the standard for pressure cooking. And most of the recipes are written for this pressure standard.

+ Weighted Valve: This valve stand on the top of the vent pipe, which is designed to allow excess steam to escape during cooking. You should choose a pressure cooker that owns a removable pressure regulator because you have to examine the vent pipe for each user to make sure that the vent is clear or clean it after each use. The Weighted valve controls the pressure inside the pot, the valve will automatically release the steam inside the pressure cooker to maintain the pressure at 15 psi and when you see the Weighted Valve begin to rock, it is the cooking time begins. To maintain a slow and gentle rock you only need to adjust your heat setting

+ Modified Weighted Valve: This valve does not rock, but it can releases steam in short bursts letting steam escape in order to maintain pressure at 15 psi. The cooking time is measured when the first time steam escapes from the regulator. Similar to the Weighted Valve you have to adjust your heat setting to maintain a slow release of steam

+ Spring Valve: This pressure regulator provides a short pop-up valve which indicates the level of pressure inside the pot. The Spring Valve pressure regulator usually gives two cooking pressures (10 psi and 15 psi). In this type of regulator, you have to watch your best pressure cooker carefully to see when it got the appropriate pressure then adjust the temperature to maintain the level of pressure.

* Cover Interlock: In my opinion, you have to choose the best pressure cooker having a cover locking system. This an important system that is designed to release pressure in the unlikely situation that the vent pipe becomes blocked. This is the safety feature that all good pressure cooker should be included.

* Cooking Rack: Select the best pressure cooker that comes with a cooking rack or basket. This will allow you to cook foods above the cooking liquid. In addition, when pressure cooking several foods at once, the rack or basket will enable you to keep foods separated so flavors will not intermingle.

* Pressure Release: There are often two methods using in recipes which are “cool cooker at once” pressure release method and the “natural pressure drop” method.

In the “cool cooker at once” method, we have to set our cooker in a pan of cold water or under cold running water to quickly release the pressure inside the pot. Today almost best pressure cookers provide a Quick Pressure Release Knob. With this feature, the pressure cooker is moved off the heat source and the Quick Pressure Release Knob is activated to release a considerable spray of hot steam. In the “natural pressure release” method, you simply move your best pressure cooker out of the heat source and let the pressure drop naturally.

* Handles: When buying the best pressure cooker you have to notice on the handles, make sure the handles feel secure and comfortable. The best pressure cookers will have ergonomically designed handles for ease and comfort of handling. In big pressure cooker like 6-quart or more, the cooker should have handles on both sides of the pressure cooker

* Base: If you purchase a stainless steel pressure cooker, be sure to look for a model that has a bimetal or tri-metal base, typically an aluminum-clad bottom. This feature virtually eliminates scorching and provides excellent heat conduction and easy cleaning.

* Instruction/Recipe Book: Any best pressure cooker will include a recipe book and comprehensive instruction. You have to make sure it details the main operating instructions or give you a good selection of basic recipes for normal pressure cookers.

* Warranty: Warranty for a pressure cooker is very important which ensures our pressure cooker is safe. Normally Best Pressure Cooker offers at least a 10-year warranty.

* Cost: Price of pressure cookers will vary widely depending on the features of these cookers. Example a best electric pressure cooker will cost ~ $100