The Ultimate Electric Pressure Cooker Guide: Reviews, Deals and more

The Ultimate Electric Pressure Cooker Guide: Reviews, Deals and more

You know, one of my favorite things to do is cooking. In particular, one of my favorite ways to cook is by using an electric pressure cooker. I have found that many people have the same favorite with me because using a pressure cooker is fast and reliable. However, many wonder what will make the best one as you are looking to purchase one.

Therefore, this guide is written to aim in helping you have smart ideas to choose the best electric pressure cooker. The reason is that there are so many products available on the market and it is very difficult for you to choose. This guide below is useful for you to follow. Let’s focus on it!.

At first, before we discuss all the electric pressure cookers, I want to introduce some best products from Amazon at the moment.

Capacity (quarts) 6.33-Quart 6.33-quarts 8-Quart 6-Quart 8-quart
Color Silver Silver and black Silver Silver Silver
Price Start at $202
(Including discount)
(Including discount)
Start at $99/98
(Including discount)
(Including discount)
(Including discount)
Steamer basket Steamer rack Steamer rack No Steamer rack No
Features – 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker
– Large, easy to use control
panel with 14 built-in Smart Programs
– Delay cooking time up to 24h
– Manual setting up to 120 minutes
– UL and ULC certified with
proven safety mechanisms
– Include 3-ply bottom
stainless steel cooking pot
– LED display and soft
touch buttons
– 10 pre-programmed
settings for different foods
– Functions as a steamer,
Rice and Slow cooker
– 24-hour delay timer
– Automatic keep warm
– Removable dishwasher-safe insert
– Cool-touch lid & handles
– 14 multi-functions
– 24-hour timer delay
– Stainless steel housing
– Non-stick cooking pot
that is removable for cleaning
– Automatic keep warm feature
– Automatic pressure cooking
– Indicator beep when
cooking is completed
– Programmable for
customized cooking
-Multifunction: Pressure
cooker, slow cooker, food
steamer, rice cooker,
browning/saute pan, soup
maker. Automatic keep warm.
– Cool-touch handles.
– Micro-computerized
temperature and time-control system.
– Digital display.
– Up to 24-hour delay timer.
– Electric Pressure
Cooker; 8-quart
– Multifunction Pressure cooker.
– includes a removable
and durable stainless
steel cooking pot
– Comes with a
stainless steel rack,
plastic cup, spoon.
– ETL approved.
Diameter (inches) 14 inches 11.8 inches 14.37 inches 13.5 inches 14.37 inches
Height (inches 12.6 inches 10.2 inches 14 inches 13 inches 14 inches
Weight (pounds) 12 pounds 14 pounds 18 pounds 12 pounds 18 pounds
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Brand Instant Pot Instant Pot MaxiMati Secura The wise USA

I.      Why Should You Buy An Electric Pressure Cooker?

Using a pressure cooker is very convenient and beneficial. Ok, let me show you in detail.

Healthier Cooking: Pressure cooking requires a little water comparing to other types of cooking that means that more minerals and vitamins are retained. Moreover, this unit is an ideal accompaniment to your healthy cooking efforts.

Saving Money and Time: You know the most beneficial and convenient thing about having a pressure cooker is that this unit cuts down on your cooking time. This is the quickest method for cooking delicious and healthy meals.

Save Space: Well, a pressure cooker is a versatile piece in your kitchen. This one can double like a pan and pot, and you can use it to prepare for the full-three-course meal, ranging from desserts to appetizers. So, healthy and financial benefits can make a pressure cooker a truly great investment in the kitchen.

II.      Which Size Pressure Cooker Should You Buy?

You know the size of the electronic pressure cooker that you need depends on what you will cook for and how often you cook. All the pressure cooker sizes will indicate their full liquid capacity; but in fact, just half to 2/3 can be used to cooker. Let’s see:

Under 5 liters
5-7 liters
7.5-10 liters
More than 10 liters
This is good for couples or singles as whole meals can be cook for two. It will do for a course to serve a small family. The normal pressure cooker size is for an average family of 3-5 members. It can also accommodate a complete meal recipe, but it is not too bulky to store. This site is for large family with over 6 members. If you often cook for big groups of people, it is also a great choice. These bigger ones are often used for pressure cooking large amounts of food, which you want to store in pints or jars, for catering purposes or other semi-commercial venture, which requires you to cook for over 15 people a time.

III.     How To Choose The Best Electric Pressure Cooker?

  • The Size: First, start with the size of an electronic pressure cooker you will need. If you are cooking for a small family or alone or you do not plan to use this one very often, and then you do not need a big one. The smaller of 2 or 4 quart ones will be fine for you. In case, you often cook or you are living in a big family, choosing a bigger pressure cooker that can sever enough food.
  • The Material: The next thing you should consider is the material that it is made from. You know an aluminum one will tend to be cheaper than stainless steel; however, it will not be as durable. This one will fall victim to the occasional ding and dent. Moreover, they do not look as shiny. Therefore, you can save money, but they cannot last as long as the stainless steel model. Lastly, the decision comes down to budget and how long you see to use it.
  • Canning Should Be A Consideration: Another thing to consider if you are going to use it for canning or not. Oh, several people use them for canning. This will go back to the earlier issue of capacity. In case you do canning, and then you will need a bigger one to hold all of your materials and jars for canning purposes.

IV.  What Can You Cook In An Electronic Pressure Cooker?

One of the benefits and great things about a pressure cooker is that you can cook a lot of different things in it. Only remember to stick to the measurements indicated in all recipes.

  • Vegetables and Legumes take longer to cook like potatoes, dry beans, and carrots that are softened in a pressure cooker.
  • Stews and Curries are known as the most popular pressure cooker recipes when the ingredients are easy to prepare.
  • Risottos and Rice will cook every time perfectly.
  • Tough Cuts Of meat become tender when cooked or braised in a stew.
  • Steamed Fruit or Poached will make delicious as well as healthy desserts
  • Steamed Puddings and Cheesecakes use seasonal fruit that will delight the family all year.

Final Words

Last but not least, thanks so much for your patient to read my comprehensive guide. I hope that this ultimate guide to choosing the best electronic pressure cooker will be helpful for you in choosing the most suitable one. Remember that buying one can be an investment for they can be pricy. But, do you know where to buy it?

The best place to buy an electronic pressure cooker is at Amazon. It is great when buying in that place because you will not have to pay for any shipping cost. Yes, the shipping cost is free. Awesomely, you can choose a variety of pressure cookers and compare them with each other. I strongly recommend all of you to get instant access to to get the best pressure cooker deals.

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